Maryann Casella is a New York-based artist
working from her studio in Brooklyn. She
received her BFA in Textile Design from the
Academy of Art in San Francisco. Her work
is a combination of symmetry, texture and
unexpected color. Maryann primarily works
with acrylics using mixed media to create
structure and depth within each piece. Her
work is inspired by mid-century architecture,
agricultural patterns viewed from above and
the quilts of Gee's Bend.
While traveling in Morocco, Maryann came
across a beautifully worn, vintage rug and
was struck by its sun-faded color, loss of
fibers, and indelible tiny stitch details. She
envisioned what it looked like when it was
first created, and imagined the slow breakdown
of something that started off perfect, but over
time organically evolved in response to its
environment. She is consistently inspired to
reflect this transcendent distress in her work.


Please email for any inquiries or commissions.